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Funny how when you start churning on change and you never really know where the path is going to lead. Revelations are never predictable.   But I had a few big ones in the last couple days… and after mulling them over, I’m ready to pull the trigger on the first one.  That is to shut down this site.

Don’t panic!

(not that I think you are…)

It isn’t going away – it is just all going to be re-branded and moved over to the PITH + VIGOR site.  Just no more studio ‘g’.

I run an online portal/blog and a print newspaper that aim to encourage and inspire a lifestyle that is more in tune with the seasons, our land, and the garden.  That is a lot — and I don’t need two seprerate brands, websites, facebook pages….etc. etc. to complicate it all… so it is being streamlined.  I am so excited for this housecleaning and I am hope you are too.  I feel more focussed and less stressed already.

There will be changes here over the next few weeks as I figure things out, migrate content, and generally shut this down…but this will be the last post of any real substance.  All new posts will be over on – I hope you will join me there.  Once everything is set up there, a permanent re-direct will be put in place here, so you will automatically be forwarded if you forget that all this is happening.  My goal is that this will be done well before the first of year so that we will be off and running for 2015.

Until then – Happy Holidays!


p.s. thank you for your comments on the layout….if you want to follow progress on…I really do appreciate the input and feedback.


I’d love to hear your opinion….

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